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Join SWE National


1 . Go to national SWE website

2. Choose a Package
  • New Collegiate Membership in SWE: $20 (1 year membership)

  • Collegiate to Career Membership in SWE: $50 (Entire collegiate career membership!)

3. Confirm your registration
  • Confirm your registration with our SWE secretary.

  • Email the SWE Secretary at to confirm your registration (please attach a copy of your receipt)

Get Involved

Check out the variety of opportunities SWE offers beyond general events. Get involved by joining a SWE family or a committee!




Internal Director: Diya Kapur | External Director: Karen Su


Evening with Industry (EWI) is one of the largest student-run networking events at UCLA attracting around 40 companies and 300 students annually. The three part event includes a networking hour, dinner with a few company representatives, and a private career fair.

We’re excited to announce that this year’s 44th Evening with Industry will be entirely virtual! The committee will work together to create this virtual environment that fosters a casual conversation between students and companies. Additionally, the committee will plan and host professional development workshops to help UCLA engineering students put their best foot forward!



Mentorship Director: Nicole Criscione


The Mentorship Committtee coordinates a variety of mentorship programs and events with the goal of connecting SWE members with each other as well as professional mentors in academia and industry!

This year, we will have mentorship programs to connect SWE members with upperclassmen mentors, graduate student mentors, and industry mentors. We will also host several professional, career and networking events and panels.



Webmaster: Megan Go


SWE's Dev Team works on redesigning and updating the SWE UCLA website, while also developing other projects to enhance our team's technical skills. This new website update was our big project for fall! We are currently working on developing a members and EWI portal for SWE members to keep track of their events and sign up for EWI and an interactive component for members to ask questions.

Untitled design.png


Advocacy Director: Grace Kwak


SWE advocacy strives to make the UCLA School of Engineering a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all woman-identifying engineering students so that they may achieve their full career potential as engineers and leaders. We stand by the fact that the lack of gender diversity in undergraduate engineering programs (and as a result, in the engineering industry) isn’t a result of women being innately less interested or somehow not as well-suited for this work. Instead, the lack of diversity in engineering is the fault of systems, institutions, and structures as well as the social and cultural atmospheres that result from them.

This year, in order to advocate for institutional change, we will urge faculty and staff to employ evidence-based practices related to admissions and academics to increase the pipeline and retention rates for woman-identifying students at UCLA. Additionally, with the goal of changing the culture around gender diversity within the engineering student body, we’re establishing 3-5 year-long partnerships with student-run UCLA engineering organizations including IEEE and Bruin Racing to increase their gender diversity and inclusion. Finally, we cannot serve the needs of all women without addressing the needs of those that are also BIPOC, particularly those belonging to starkly underrepresented racial minorities in the UCLA School of Engineering, so we’re aiming to promote intersectional diversity through quarterly socials with the UCLA Tri-Org (NSBE, SOLES, and AISES).

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Technical Director: Margaret Capetz


SWE-UCLA Technical Committee aims to provide people more opportunities to develop technical skills while feeling supported throughout their learning.

We plan and host workshops to teach important tech industry skills (e.g. how to use common industry software, practice technical interview questions, discuss importance of engineering ethics). We also organize QWER Hacks (pronounced QUEER Hacks, but spelt more techy), an LGBTQ+ inclusive Hackathon, with the goal of bringing more awareness and support for the queer community in STEM, complete with its own workshops series and mentors to provide attendees with invaluable technical insight.



Student Relations Director: Natalie Huang


The Internal Affairs Committee works to strengthen the bonds between SWE members by hosting various inter-committee and member socials and contributes to our growing community of empowerment. We plan SWE general events, including Dinner with Professors and LinkedIn headshots, as well as inter-committee social events, such as yoga socials, movie premiers, and paint nights.



Internal Director: Michelle Boguslavsky

External Director: Hannah Cox


The Outreach Committee focuses on exposing engineering to elementary, middle, and high-school girls. They host several keystone events including Wow! That's Engineering Day to introduce Girl Scouts to engineering, Women in Engineering Stay-over Program (WESP) for newly admitted women engineers, and Project Scientist!



Alumni Relations Director: Divya Ponniah


GradSWE is a community that advocates for women graduate engineers and provides resources, tools, and opportunities for professional development and networking. Here at UCLA, our mission is to support, inspire, and empower the current and future female engineering community to excel in all endeavors, including academia, industry, and other disciplines. We aim to foster a welcoming and inclusive community through education, advocacy, and respect for all individuals. Overall, within the Bruin family and beyond, we encourage our members to become role models through leadership and mentorship opportunities, paving the way for future generations!


Student Relations Director: Natalie Huang


SWE welcomes all ages, genders, and majors to participate in SWE Families, a program that matches SWE members together for fun social events and bonding throughout the year.

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